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Надя Тимофеева

Художественный руководитель

Artistic Director, Ballet Master, Dancer and Choreographer

Graduate of the Choreography Academy, near the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow.

After graduation, she was invited to join the Kremlin Theatre as principal soloist, where she began her career as Lady Macbeth – a role created years earlier by composer Kirill Molchanov and choreographer Vladimir Vasilyev for her mother, prima ballerina Nina Timofeeva.

In 1992, a year after immigrating to Israel, Nadia Timofeeva won first prize at the Mia Arbatova Ballet Competition. At the same time, she taught ballet, among other things, at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, where she was also her mother's assistant.

Until the end of her work at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, Nadia, next to her mother, participated in performances by their students in Jerusalem.

Between 2004 and 2006 she was a soloist in Valery Panov's band in Ashdod.

In 2004, together with her mother, she founded the Jerusalem Ballet School, where she taught and in which she also performed.

In 2007, with the retirement of Nina Timofeeva, alongside teaching, she also took on the artistic direction of the school.

In 2008, together with Marina Ne'eman, the CEO, she founded the Jerusalem Ballet. Until 2012, Nadia was the lead vocalist of the band, and over the years also created choreography works for the company. Nadia is currently the artistic director of both the Jerusalem Ballet Company and the Nina Timofeeva Ballet School.

In 2014, Nadia was awarded the Yuri Stern Minister of Aliyah and Integration Prize for excellence and achievements in the field of culture that make a special contribution to Israeli society and culture.


Надя Тимофеева
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