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The Jerusalem Ballet presents a new original production - "Houdini", about the life of the famous illusionist

18 Jun 2024, 20:30

Yehiali 5, Tel Aviv-Yafo,

Susan Dallal Center

16 Sept 2024, 20:00

41 Yitzhak Reger Blvd., Beer Sheva

Harry Houdini was born as Erich Weiss, grew up in a rabbi's house in Hungary and from there immigrated to the United States. The special character of the man, who knew how to break the chains and go to freedom, who closed his eyes, but mocked the believers in the "supernatural", who laughed at death, but succumbed to it prematurely, fascinated Nadia Timofeeva.

In her new work, she touches on the influence of Houdini's childhood, on his colorful and ambitious personality and his phenomenal success. Houdini's close ties with his family had an important place in his life and career. After his father's death, young Houdini promised his mother that he would take care of her for the rest of her life. Even after his marriage he continued to send her half of his income. Timofeeva, who creates original ballet performances for the Jerusalem Ballet Company, uses chains as a central motif in ballet. Houdini, who managed to free himself from various locks, handcuffs and straps, remained mentally bound to his past and his family, and in fact never broke free from them.


Choreography: Nadya Timofeeva

Music: Maurice RavelRichard StraussKurt WeillFerde GroféBenjamin Yusupov

Costume designer: Inna Polonskaya

Lighting designer: Anton Makarenko

Performers: Mikhail BotsokAnael ZateikinOrian YohananAlexander ShevtsovAnastasia KorneevaDmitry Shevtsov

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